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Clothing: Gymnastic leotards and socks.

Or shorts and tee shirts for beginners

Who are we?
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Contact us first to see if there is a place.

If you are a beginner the most likely starting point is our Thursday session at Hastingsbury school or our new session 5.30 on Tuesday at Biddenham. Once this new session is full we will be opening another beginners session on Monday night from 5.30pm.

Pathways  in the club
Proficiency award
Learning basic stand alone skills. Focus is on safely learning new skills.
Suits the younger children in the club.

Traditional competition routine development
Putting together traditional competition standard routines.
Focus is on neatness and doing the skills well when linking 10 skills. Suits
the perfectionists willing to work at things and usually better suited to
People who like to progress with a higher safety margin. Internal
Club competitions and feeding to Orbit trampoline club MK for regional
And national level competitions.

Linked “tricks”
Putting together higher difficulty tricks.
Focus is on doing the skills safely and being able to link 2 -3 skills. Suits
People with a low fear factor that want to move on faster and are
not interested in perfection. Internal club competition as no external
Competition routes exist.